How it works


How it Works

The way we work is to put you first before your money. We’ll find out what matters to you, and what situation you’re in, before offering our recommendations as to which financial vehicles suit you best. We encourage you to talk openly about what’s truly important to you. This helps us to break up complex problems into small actionable steps.

After a free initial overview, all our fees and charges are clearly outlined at every stage, so there are no unexpected surprises for you.
We begin with a no obligation chat at our expense.
The next stage is to take it further and to begin the work of tracking down any pension pots and previous policies you may have collected over the years to get a clear picture of your financial position.
We’ll then combine the two so you can clearly see what your ideal financial future looks like and what steps we need to take to make your future a reality.
We believe that finance is a means of achieving your dreams and aspirations and we are here to support and guide you along the way. Our proactive review service is designed to prompt you to take corrective action when your circumstances change, so you are never left alone with the financial uncertainty.

Unbiased investment advice

Ebor is an appointed representative of Bronte Investment Solutions, which is a firm directly authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority. We work with Bronte to offer a comprehensive suite of investment solutions.

The service provides a wide range of investment outcomes which allow us to select the most suitable investment strategy for each client.

This includes:

  • A suite of model portfolios designed and managed by professional fund managers
  • A range of active, passive and blended investments; and
  • Carefully selected specialist products

Using Bronte allows our advisers to implement holistic and truly personalised financial planning for each and every client.

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Cashflow Modelling

An important part of our process is Cashflow Modelling, which helps us to create scenarios that show how your financial future may look.

Based on your goals and using prudent assumptions, Cashflow Modelling shows you in real time how much money you will have in the future, and how it could be affected by unplanned events.

The idea is that it gives you a really detailed vision of your finances and context for making further financial decisions. For example, it would show you how your wealth would be affected if you were to buy a property, start a business or take a dream holiday. Or what your options would be if you were to experience a sudden windfall.

And it can be refreshed and updated as your life progresses so it always gives you an accurate picture.

Please note: the Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate Cash Flow Planning and some forms of Estate Planning and Auto Enrolment.

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