Rebuilding finances after a divorce

Diane's Story

“The day I spoke to David was the day my life changed!”

I had a savings account from 1990 into which I was putting £35 a month towards my pension in the form of additional contributions (AVCs). It came to an end in 2010 and I needed somewhere to move it to, so I approached Ebor.

The money was put away and I didn’t even think about it until sadly in 2013-15 I went through a divorce. I needed to speak to Ebor again in order to arrange what to do with my settlement.

I was able to take some money out - there was £10,000 tax free that I could access from the original AVC and £10,000 from my ex-husband - and I blew it! I bought a car and spent money on renovating the house. Then there was £70k that Ebor invested into my pension.

Very soon however, I found I needed funds to help support my daughter, but I was really worried about what I’d be able to do. I felt by now my options would be severely limited. I was actually very low about it until I spoke to David – but that was the day my life changed!

Practical and emotional support

David listened to everything; he took an interest in my circumstances in a way that no one had ever done before. I almost felt as if he’d turned into my Dad! That’s what you want. You want to be able to tell someone about your dreams, hopes and fears. I’d never met anyone like him before. 

I told him that it was really important for me to be able to bring my daughter up in a comfortable lifestyle. She has a horse and I wanted to be able to keep it for her, but it was proving to be very expensive.

He asked me ‘What would make your life simpler?’ I explained that to have my daughter’s horse at home would mean I wasn’t paying for livery or getting up early to sort him out before going to work. I realised that what I really wanted was to be able to build a stable for him at home. 

A simple, stress-free solution

David was able to make things totally simple for me. He said that because I’d moved jobs, there was some pension money I could release, so I got a lump sum and a monthly income from that, despite the fact that I’m still working.

And I still have money in a pension building up, which will provide an income when I retire. 

He also collaborated with the mortgage people when I wanted to remortgage the house, and with the council when I needed to enquire about planning permission. What more can you ask for?

Now we have a beautiful newly built stable which is very nearly finished.

Giving back control

David gave me back control and calm in my life. He was also really creative in the way he looked at the situation and also really caring. And he was very clear about what his fees would be and told me that I didn’t have to pay them anything until everything was finalised.

Given the opportunity I would recommend Ebor to anyone because they’re fab. You have to speak to a real human being for this sort of help – you wouldn’t be able to replicate David’s experience online or digitally. The advice you get from them is rooted in real life.

I feel extremely fortunate to have met David – the divorce was worse than you can imagine, but I think someone was rooting at me the day I met Ebor because I came out the other side smiling, thanks to their help. David completely turned everything around.

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