Creating a plan for future generations

Colin’s story

Many years ago, I was working as an estate agent and decided I ought to take a pensions policy out. I forgot all about it, until some years later when David Dixon got in touch to advise me to keep making payments to it.

I got to know David very well and gradually it dawned on me that he was giving me really good advice! In the late 90s he advised me to consolidate my various policies into property. He sold these policies down just before the crash in the 1990s and afterwards I was able to invest again at a much better rate. 

David’s advice has become more sophisticated over the years. He’s helped me to avoid Capital Gains Tax on our London home while developing substantial pension funds for me and my wife. He’s also created a combination of trust arrangements for my children that provide generous tax-efficient income for them, while protecting the funds from unnecessary inheritance tax.

The Family Bible

Every year Ebor update a book they’ve given us called the Family Bible. This book has everything about our affairs in it so that when I pass away my children can go to the safe and find details of all the policies, pensions, executors of our wills etc. It means that everyone knows what they have to do, and I don’t have to think about it.  

Three years ago, we met with the family to review the Bible together so that my children had full knowledge of the details of my estate. So impressed were my daughter and her husband that they are now Ebor clients themselves.

Friendly team

I always liked dealing with the team at Ebor and I like going up to visit them as my family come from that part of the country and it’s nice to work with someone with that connection. Unlike other financial advisers, I’m not paying for a big marble office in the centre of London. I don’t want something pompous like that.

David is very patient in explaining things to me because I don’t listen and often forget what’s been said, but he never loses his temper! My wife also really likes him. I had a stroke in 2005, he was very helpful to her during that period, which helped to put my mind at rest.

Reliable, persistent and straight forward

David took a haphazard collection of pension policies, shook them up and made them work in a way that’d given me enough money to live off comfortably. It’s not that David’s made me rich, but I started off with virtually no money at all and he’s found a way to make it work for me to the extent that my wife and I are now living off the capital and only paying tax on the pension.

David is reliable, persistent when he feels he has to be, and straight forward. He’s also very amusing. My wife and I both feel very fond of David and we’re extremely grateful to him for making a purse out of sow’s ear when it comes to our investments!

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