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Small, medium, or large companies want to protect their businesses from uncertainty ahead, and safeguard the employees who work for them.

Our corporate clients want to ensure their businesses are protected in case of the unexpected and that they can meet pension provisions for their workforce.

With a network of trusted professional connections, we provide expert advice to business owners and find the most appropriate solutions for them.

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Auto Enrolment

Most workers in the UK are now automatically enrolled by their employers into a workplace pension scheme, making contributions into a retirement pot for as long as they are employed by the company.

Our experienced advisers get to know the specific needs of your company and work with you to find an appropriate policy and seek out the most suitable auto-enrolment solution for you, your business and your employees.

Group Income Protection

Losing one of your valued team members to long-term illness or injury can be a serious burden on your business. 

Planning ahead may reduce the financial impact of supporting your employee during their absence (and hopefully helping them in their return to work) and managing the impact and costs on your business.

Our support and advice includes group income protection. Planning ahead helps reduce the financial impact on your business from long-term staff absences and enables you to give your employees the support they need while signed off work.

Shareholder Protection

Whether a small partnership or a large employer, you need to know that your business will be able to run smoothly if a partner or other shareholder dies or becomes critically ill.

Shareholder protection insurance provides your business with a valuable safety net. It allows owners to buy shares back from partners who are unable to continue, making sure that your business can keep going. 

With our support, we'll help make the transition of shares from one owner to another as stress-free as possible.

Relevant Life Cover

We believe relevant life is a cost effective way of providing life cover for you and your employees because the premiums are paid by the company and an alternative to a group life scheme.

Relevant Life Plans are usually viewed as an allowable expense, which may mean that the payments qualify for full Income Tax relief, National Insurance relief and Corporation Tax relief.

This means premiums could be reduced by up to 49% compared to a typical life policy if you are a higher rate tax payer. For a basic rate tax payer this figure could be up to 40%.

Relevant Life is not usually a P11D benefit.

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